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What Is LASIK?

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is by far the most sought-after refractive treatment in the eye health industry. Millions of patients around the world have had this transformative surgery and are thrilled with their new vision. Laser vision correction surgery is FDA-approved and can reduce or fully correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism by precisely altering the shape of the cornea, allowing light to center properly on the retina. The best aspects of LASIK are that it is remarkably quick, almost completely pain-free, and gives long-term results.

At Heart of America Eye Care, our goal is for all patients to live life with clearer vision. We appreciate that blurry vision can have a tremendous impact on everyday life and that receiving the sharpest vision possible can enrich everything from studying to favorite pastimes. Arrange an appointment at one of our centers in Shawnee Mission or Overland Park, KS, or Belton, MO soon to receive a LASIK consultation with a highly skilled specialist to learn if laser vision correction might be the best option for you. You might be one step closer to reducing or even eliminating your dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

What Are the Benefits of LASIK?

LASIK surgery offers a noninvasive approach to vision correction that is both safe and straightforward. Choosing LASIK brings several key advantages:

  • The potential for permanent vision enhancement
  • A significant decrease in the dependence on glasses and contact lenses
  • No need for stitches or bandages
  • Minimal discomfort, if any
  • Swift recovery, with the possibility of resuming daily activities within 24 hours
  • A fast process, typically completed in under 30 minutes
  • Improved ease of engaging in sports, physical activities, and hobbies
  • Flexibility to make adjustments to your vision as you age
  • A high likelihood of achieving 20/20 vision

Who Can Have LASIK?

Due to some amazing advancements in LASIK procedures, a growing number of people might be great candidates for the procedure. Even if you may have been told years ago that LASIK wouldn't be an ideal treatment for you, it could be time to look into it again. Only a skilled ophthalmologist will be able to properly say whether anyone is eligible for refractive surgery, but there are a handful of basic guidelines that apply to most people. First, individuals need to be at least 18 years old. In addition, it is crucial that the person has ample corneal thickness. Lastly, a few specific eye disorders or other medical problems could impact a patient's suitability for LASIK; however, other refractive surgeries, for example, PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), might still be a possible option. If your curious if LASIK is right for you, contact our team today.

How Is LASIK Performed?

At Heart of America Eye Care, LASIK is a fast, beneficial vision correction procedure. Usually, the procedure lasts fewer than 10 minutes in total, and is relatively pain-free. Before the surgery, your eyes will be completely numbed with eye drops to ensure the most comfort. Next, a suction ring will be put on top of each eye to ensure your eyes can't move. You won't be able to see this device and should only feel a bit of tension on the eye. Next, we will utilize the innovative laser instrument to create a very thin corneal flap. We will then delicately fold the flap out of the way to use the laser to recontour the underlying corneal tissue. As soon as this is complete, we will bring the flap back into position. Incredibly, it will then self-heal with no need for sutures. Usually, people who receive LASIK can have clearer vision right after the procedure.


How safe is LASIK?
LASIK eye surgery is widely considered to be a safe and effective corrective procedure for vision issues, with a high success rate and a low complication profile. It's one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the United States, and extensive research has shown that the vast majority of patients achieve 20/20 or near 20/20 vision post-surgery.

Are LASIK results permanent?
LASIK surgery is designed to correct the refractive errors in your eyes permanently; however, it's important to note that while the changes made to the cornea during LASIK are meant to last indefinitely, a person's eye can still change during the natural aging process. For many patients, LASIK can mean a lifetime without the need for glasses or contact lenses, but some may experience a gradual change in their vision years later due to natural changes within the eye or due to conditions like presbyopia or cataracts.

Will I need to wear glasses after my eyes have healed from LASIK?
After LASIK surgery, many patients experience a significant improvement in vision that typically reduces or eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses. However, this depends on individual factors such as the degree of refractive error prior to surgery and how the eyes heal. While LASIK greatly reduces the need for corrective lenses, some patients may still require glasses for certain activities, particularly those involving fine detail or small print, like reading or driving at night, especially as they age.

Clearer Vision With LASIK

Modern advancements in LASIK technology are enabling countless individuals to undergo laser refractive surgery. If you have been advised before that you weren't a candidate for LASIK, schedule an appointment at Heart of America Eye Care to check whether that's still the case. If you aren't a good candidate for LASIK, you could be a candidate for one of the other correction surgeries we offer. Contact one of our locations in Overland Park or Shawnee Mission, KS, or Belton, MO for more information.

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