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What Are Retinal Diseases?

Simply put, retinal disease is anything that affects your retina (the back layer of your eye), including the macula. Some common retinal diseases include diabetes-related retinopathy, retinal detachment, retinal tears, retinitis pigmentosa, and more. Retinal diseases can be inherited or caused by damage to the retina, infection, high blood pressure, and more. Symptoms often include eye floaters or flashes, blurry vision, and blind spots. At Heart of America Eye Care, we test for retinal disorders during a routine eye exam and offer a range of treatment options. To learn more, contact one of our locations in Overland Park or Shawnee Mission, KS, or Belton, MO.

How Are Retinal Diseases Treated?

Once we determine the cause of your retinal disease, we can create a treatment plan. The treatment will vary depending on the type of disease you have. However, a few common treatments include:

  • Vitrectomy: For retinal detachments, foreign objects in the eye, infections
  • Medical injections into the vitreous: Inflammatory eye diseases, eye infections, advanced diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, and more
  • Laser treatment: Misplaced or overgrown blood vessels, retinal tears, and more

While treatment may not always stop the disease, it can help slow down progression and reduce symptoms.

Slow or Stop Retinal Diseases

Retinal diseases impact millions of people annually and can be caused by genetics, injury, infection, and more. Often discovered during a routine eye exam, our goal at Heart of America Eye Care is to find retinal diseases as early as possible so we can properly treat them. While it's not always possible to eliminate the disease altogether, there are methods we can take to slow down the progression and reduce symptoms in order to optimize your eye health. For more information, schedule an exam at any of our locations in Overland Park or Shawnee Mission, KS, or Belton, MO.

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